The Dance Routine Corner
Learning to dance? This site will help you with advice on learning dance routines and new choreographies.

With you on your journey to becoming a great dancer.

Common problems and topics covered when it comes to learning a dance routine, new steps and performing.

Dance Routines - Entertainment

Dance routine on stageOne of the hardest things when learning to dance is learning dance routines. Well good news - everyone's the same - so join the boat!

The even better news is that you can improve your skills from your own bedroom and anybody can do it!

There are definitely things that will help you get better faster however and that's what this site is all about.

The Solution

Take our advice, apply, rinse and repeat! Simple.

This site is split into three main categories across the top. So whether you are a complete beginner, looking to take it to the next level, or want to learn professional dance routines as a dancer you'll know where you can find help!