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What Happens If I Have Trouble Keeping Up With The Dance Routines In Dance Classes?

Not all dance routines are equal in difficulty. You could be getting every single routine you learn and then one week, there'll be a really hard one and you'll find it difficult to keep up with.

Or when you're beginning with dance routines, you may find it hard to remember any of them at all!

This is all natural and part of the learning process. It happens to everyone and the pros too!

When it does happen it's important not to become too overwhelmed and hopeless. All it means is that you are not quite at that level yet.

In fact very few dancers can get every single routine taught to them. It is quite a rare skill to have.

You should continue in the class regardless of whether you have the routine perfect or not. This is the only way to learn.

The best thing to say to yourself is, "Do the parts of the routines you can do well, and the parts you can't do to just do your best."

And then when you get a chance to practise you can go over the parts you found difficult so that next time you can do them better.

The interesting thing with dance is when you can do a certain type of move well, you can usually do similar moves well also.

So for example you may find you're really good with isolations but may need to work on making the moves smoother or making your hand movements more precise.

So by learning routines you can't do perfectly you're pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone and if you work on the things you find difficult, you'll find you become a much better dancer overall.

The important thing is not to beat yourself up, because if you do this then even the parts you know well can go to pot. Don't let this happen. What you don't know, you don't know it just means it's something you need to work on. Don't let it undo any of the previous good work you've done.